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Otormeking (OTK) Engineering and Design

Otormeking (OTK) Engineering and Design provide life-of-asset engineering capabilities for Brownfield and Greenfield projects; from consultancy services through concept and Front End Engineering Design (FEED) into detailed design, procurement and commissioning. This capability extends into late life and decommissioning. We are happy to support projects; onshore, offshore, subsea or subsurface; from small Brownfield modification projects to large subsea tiebacks, and from major facility upgrades through to Greenfield projects. We leverage on OTK’s capability in delivering, operating and maintenance expertise to enhance our early engineering solutions, allowing us to recommend best-fit, constructible and operable solutions that are benchmarked against real time procurement data and schedules.

Technical Services

Technical Services

These are: Operational readiness reviews We position your assets for success by planning and assuring operational readiness Due diligence reports We ensure the necessary systems, processes and selection criteria are met for asset purchase and management Transition management We ensure that transition is accomplished with no impact on safety or operations Metering and allocation We measure and track oil and gas products from origin to point of sale Mechanical services We provide specialist repair, maintenance and manufacture solutions for mechanical equipment Our HSE specialists also provide the following advisory services in Safety Engineering Design for various Greenfield and Brownfield projects: Building/Plant/Platform Design/Layout Review and Optimisation Hazardous Area Classification Firewater Demand and Hydraulic Analysis Depressurisation System Design Flare and Vent System Design Safety Equipment Specification Machinery Safety Engineering Fire Safety Engineering UK, Europe and Middle East

Asset Management

Asset Management Services

Our Assets Management Services Include: Our asset management consulting services can provide significant value to our clients, including: Improved safety and integrity Increased reliability and availability Reduced cost Assured compliance Management of risk Performance consulting: Physical asset benchmarking and opportunity identification and implementation Technical consulting: Asset technical support, development of systems, processes, programmes and competency solutions Managed services: Complete asset management service, manpower provision, functional support and supervision



The primary objective of the completions team is to ensure that the facilities we design, are inspected and tested safely, systematically and thoroughly before being handed over to our clients. This is to ensure that these facilities can be operated safely and reliably, while providing full traceability. Preparation for the all-important and critical completions phase of a project begins as early as possible and is also thoroughly considered during the proposal phase. This allows us to identify potential challenges early on and manage them effectively, ensuring as seamless a path as possible through the entire EPC cycle through to final handover. We take into account key considerations such as engineering design standards, numbering systems, system boundaries, defined structures and procedures, all of which serve to augment control and efficiency. The use of intelligent software also underpins our completions preparation activities, particularly in the early stages of a project. We add value because we are able to: Anticipate and address any potential problems in the early stages of the completions phase Provide a seamless interface with the various contractors and other parties providing efficiency and focus on delivery Ensure the early involvement of our completions personnel during critical engineering activities such as HAZOP/HAZID and final testing of equipment Offer the full capability to provide support in training for operations and maintenance activities DECOMMISSION At OTK we utilise the breadth and depth service capability to bring real added value to clients with assets approaching the late life and decommissioning phases. We offer an integrated capability supporting the late life landscape; from studies and production enhancement activities, Brownfield engineering and operations to planning and well plugging and abandonment. TRAINING We are experts in delivering comprehensive training solutions for the oil and gas industry, with the infrastructure required to successfully execute safety, technical and behavioural training anywhere in the world. Our dedicated competence delivery service offers an extensive portfolio of courses and programmes, delivered by highly experienced, multilingual team of instructors and safety professionals. Our centres are particularly notable for allowing delegates to experience training in safe, professionally managed environments. This approach allows us to run real work scenarios that build confidence and competence. By using our managed services instead of managing training in-house, our clients usually realise significant cost savings and free up resources to focus on core business activities. ASSURANCE We offer a comprehensive competence assurance and management service. We identify areas for operational enhancement; deliver competence development strategy and training; assess progress and continue to assure and manage competence on an on-going basis. Our competence assurance and management services include: Competency management systems and software. Outsourced competency management, including specialist systems and software to track and assure competency throughout your organisation. Competence development and assessment. We can provide qualified assessors to assess competence in training centres or in the field. Competency management and verification. We can verify the outcomes of your assessments and the overall competence management system.


Workshop Facilitation

OTK engineering is a specialist provider of the following safety studies to identify process or non-process hazards, analyze their effects and assess the risks associated with the facilities or operations during normal operations or simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) Fire and Explosion Hazards Analysis (FERA/FEA/FRA/FEDHA) Gas Dispersion and Smoke Ingress Analysis (GDSI) Exhaust Vent Study Escape, Evacuation and Rescue Analysis (EERA) Emergency Systems Survivability Assessment (ESSA) Ship/Helicopter Collision and Structural Failure Study Transportation Risk Assessment (TRA) Fire Detection and Fire Protection System Design At OTK engineering, we have team of specialists who provides fire risk assessment and fire risk safety engineering design to ensure fires and smoke are detected on the onset of the events and appropriate controls and mitigations safeguards are provided to protect people and their environments from the destructive effects of fires and smoke. OTK also provides guidance to our clients in the selection of appropriate systems in accordance with the best industry practices and client specifications. OTK specialist services include: Fire, Heat and Smoke Detection System Design Active Fire Protection (AFP) Design) Passive Fire Protection (PFP) Design Fire and Gas Mapping Fire Dynamics Analysis/Fire Effects Modelling

Project Management

Project management services

Project management services are at the heart of our successful and sustainable project delivery capabilities. We use internationally recognised project management frameworks and processes as part of our quality management system for the management and control of all our projects, whether these are engineering, procurement, construction or commissioning projects. Project management teams are usually involved from start to finish of a project, and are critical to its success. Our people have proven delivery capabilities, from concept stage through to execution, delivery and start up. Our project personnel are encouraged to study to become Project Management Professionals (PMP). We have the man-power to cover projects of any size, and we tailor our teams based on the individual requirements of the client and project.

Operations and Maintenance Support

Operations and Maintenance Support

We ensure your operations are safe and reliable through a range of O&M support services. Our work drives operational cost reductions and efficiency improvements across onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities, and includes: Increased plant up-time (improved maintenance, spares and vendor support) Improved technical competency Improved performance (linked to operational KPIs) Management and reduction of maintenance backlog Improved alignment of drivers for safety, operations and maintenance Implementing a robust maintenance regime Supporting maximised wrench time or ‘time on tools’ Increased long-term asset sustainability Reducing interfaces and third-party scopes

Drilling Services

Drilling Services

Provision of business consulting services in the area of well cementing, coil tubing and stimulation We support all phases of the tendering process to benefit customers in both technical and commercial aspects: Preparation of technical tender specification, incl. documentation per project specifications – Evaluations of technical proposals, chemical formulations and equipment specifications – Validating proposed fluids system against project specifications – Handling of clarifications and feedback to bidders – QA/QC witness testing at contractor’s or designated 3rd-party, ISO 9001 accredited laboratory – Commercial evaluations Well Integrity We can optimize the following: Laboratory recipes to ensure that the basis of design, fluid testing parameters Modelling and simulation: review of software simulations in line with expected well conditions Review job procedures and acceptance criteria incorporating API guidelines and industry-best practices. Failure analysis and root-cause investigations Perform field audits, location inspection, equipment inspections, laboratory audits etc at service company sites or at rig locations. We do this on behalf of the operating company and follow up by submitting a comprehensive report of findings incl. remedial actions Life-of-the-well isolation support, and training services



We can analyse the baseline competency data of your organisation to understand the unique training needs of your business to ensure operational compliance and safety. We then develop solutions that address these competency needs which could range from the development of competency profiles and matrices to designing and implementing training programmes. Environmental Response Consultancy. We support you in preparing plans for environmental issues, from response to a pollution incident through to a complete emergency response solution.


We provide trained personnel and fit-for-purpose facilities to support you in managing any unplanned or emergency situation. We can also develop, test and execute emergency response plans, including consultancy and training to ensure you are prepared to respond directly. Emergency Response and Crisis Management (ERCM). A complete ERCM solution will typically involve: An analysis of current arrangements Preparation of emergency response plans Delivery of training Assessment and provision of emergency response service centre support Our ERCM personnel possess knowledge acquired from a variety of backgrounds: oil and gas, petrochemicals, financial services, the emergency services. Together our team offers you access to an extensive pool of knowledge, experience and expertise in developing best practice approaches to managing disruption whenever and wherever it occurs. They are ideally placed to cover all aspects of ERCM. We can also provide emergency response teams to support with: Incident Management Team Response: Trained personnel to provide a coordinated response, supported by robust procedures Relative Response Team: Supporting and caring for those affected and extending this care to relatives by providing a point of telephone contact and a means of providing next of kin with confirmed information


Workshop Facilitation

We have a selection of dedicated Chairpersons with significant industry experience able to facilitate workshops. Our Chairpersons have a history in executing and coordinating the following workshops: Hazard Identification Tools (HAZID) Hazard and Operability (HAZOP techniques) Offshore Activities Risk Assessment Review BOWTIE Safety Integrity Level (SIL Assessments) Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) Reliability Operability Maintenance (ROM)


Noise Mapping and Impact Assessment Studies

OTK also has a team of specialists who can perform a detailed Noise Mapping and Impact Assessment Study on platform facilities illustrating the overall sound levels on noise emitting equipment to reveal the risk level for each outcome and recommend effective safeguards for personnel onboard these facilities. OTK specialist services in these area include: 2D and 3D noise modelling of the platform facilities. Simulation of noise input data to overall sound level of each noise emitting equipment. Research and provision of noise input data for each noise emitting equipment on the platform. Identification of noise emitting equipment on the platform. Interpretation of the noise models through special reflective surfaces (e.g plated and grated material surfaces).

HSE Risk Management

Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)


Qualitative Risk Assessments and Quantitative Risk Assessments are specialized methods for calculating risks to individuals, public (societal risk), the environment and/or assets. As part of the formal safety assessment required in the project HSE management, a QRA is highly demanded by our clients to identify major accident hazards and reduce the significant risk contributor according to the As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) principle. OTK can provide the following comprehensive studies and solutions:

  • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) for onshore and offshore facilities
  • Offshore/Onshore Pipeline QRA
  • Miscellaneous Risk Assessments.

HSE Management System Development and Compliance HSE MS development and compliance form a major part of OTK consultancy work. Our team provides advisory services to assist our clients in handling HSE issues associated with their facilities and operations from the earliest stage of the project. OTK also provides services to develop formal documentation for the HSE MS and outlines the appropriate actions to be taken in every project activity to ensure effective HSE management. Our services extend to assist our client to update and maintain the document as a live system through the whole project lifecycle. Our specialist services are as follows:

  • Offshore HSE/Safety Case Development
  • HSE/Safety Case Updates/Revisions and Bridging Documents
  • Hazard and Risk Register Preparation
  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Development
  • Performance Standards (PS) Development for Safety Critical Elements (SCEs)





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